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Trumpeter 01063 M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) 1/35

Trumpeter 01063 M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) 1/35
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The M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) uses a design similar to that of the BAE Systems Ground Systems XM5 Electronic Fighting Vehicle Systems Carrier, but mission equipment differences dictate areas of change. The M4 C2V uses a 10 m telescoping mast and has a primary power pack, environmental control unit and NBC overpressure system integrated into the mission equipment enclosures.

It is based on the standard Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) carrier chassis which is used in large numbers by the US Army. The first contract was to build five M4 vehicles but the contract had three options years worth USD82 million for a total of 46 vehicles with deliveries running through to February 2002. In total 25 M4 Command and Control Vehicles were built before the programme was terminated.
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