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KittyHawk 32019 Northrop F-5F Tiger II
KittyHawk 32019 Northrop F-5F Tiger II
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 Revell 03603 Tie Interceptor - 1:90
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Revell 03603 Tie Interceptor - 1:90
Revell 03603 Tie Interceptor - 1:90

Skala 1:90

Star Wars the Dark Side and the Empire: TIE-Fighter Interceptor Model

The new Star Wars plastic modeling kits for gluing and painting offer model fans from 10 years now even more crafting fun.

Like all other TIE constructions, this model comes from the company Sienar-Flottensysteme. The TIE Interceptor, created in response to the Rebel Alliance's successful X-wing Fighter, offers increased speed and firepower compared to the standard TIE Hunter, which is identified by the hexagonal solar wings on the sides. The dagger-like wings give the agile interceptor a striking appearance, but allow a much better view of the pilot to the sides. The spherical cockpit is similar to that of the standard TIE model, allowing pilots to quickly switch from one type to another without long-term training. As usual, the central cockpit is connected by two arms to the side-mounted, solar-celled wings. Since the Interceptor was developed quite late, was usually ever a TIE interceptor with a squadron of 12 TIE fighters used. Although initially rare in numbers, the Interceptor was one of the Empire's fastest space fighters, surpassed only by Darth's Vader fighter.

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